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The entertainment complex “Pogremushka” combining not only a restaurant, bar and cafe, but even karaoke. Masters of cookery will offer you some of the best dishes of Georgian, Ukrainian and European cuisine at affordable prices.

Stylish and modern site

Our main task was to modernize the existing restaurant site. Based on the identity of the restaurant and its physical interior, a color palette and graphic elements for web design were formed. The site is made on the WordPress platform for the convenience of further work of the restaurant staff. Due to the quality of the code and the high level of optimization, the site loads quickly and remains in the green area of ​​the Pagespeed scale from Google. As in most of our products, we started work on the search engine optimization of the site at the initial stage, so immediately after launching the position of the site in the search results, we began to grow rapidly.

Attention to detail

In the implementation of the site we focus on all the key features of this institution. The whole site is spelled out with “delicious” food images from the restaurant menu, and special attention is paid to cozy houses in the forest – the main highlight of the country restaurant. As a result of our work, there is an increase in interest in the restaurant, an increase in fans and visitors to the institution.

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