Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is nothing more than SEO – Search Engine Optimization is an optimization of your site with the help of a whole set of actions. Optimization of the site is the increase in organic traffic by not using advertising on the Internet. The effectiveness of SEO is achieved through systematic actions aimed at optimizing the site.

Range of tasks

Analysis and planning

  • There is a complete analysis of all competitors, as well as the audit of your site
  • Search for priority problems requiring attention at the first stages of work
  • Creating a plan that includes internal and external optimization of the site

Solving optimization problems from the technical side

The indexing of the site is affected by a huge number of factors, among them can be identified such as

  • site load speed
  • adaptability for mobile devices
  • well-tuned robot.txt
  • not working links, redirects

and many other factors that are eliminated in the process.

Creating a semantic kernel or upgrading an existing one

At this stage, we define all the keywords

  • Low-frequency
  • Mid-frequency
  • High-frequency

This is one of the most important stages of internal optimization of the site and the beginning before writing quality content.

Creating unique content

After determining all the keywords and inserting them into the semantic core of the site, we create a content. A huge role in this plays

  • The uniqueness of the text itself
  • Frequency of use of keywords in it

External site optimization

Increasing the reference mass, by placing both eternal and temporary links . Increasing the reference mass can be achieved by buying external links, exchanges, catalogs, articles. Links in social networks are not indexed by search engines and do not play significant role in the external optimization of the site


The report on the done work is provided by agreement, the result of the work can be assessed using Google Analytics and many other analytics services.

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