Contextual advertising

Contextual advertising

Contextual advertising – means text ads, which are displayed at the top of the search, depending on the user’s request. Contextual advertising is a solution for your marketing to find new customers. If SEO promotion requires a lot of time, then contextual advertising brings the result on the day of creating the advertisement. A well-optimized site is able to get a lot more conversions using contextual advertising customized by VYMIRS

Range of tasks

Analysis and planning

Defining business goals and a full analysis of the site, finding all competitors and creating a plan for advertising campaigns. The choice of targeting depending on the company’s business objectives.

Promotion of Internet advertising

Creation of advertising campaigns begins with the grouping of the entire workflow.

  • Divide all the directions of your company into advertising campaigns, in which ad groups are created according to narrower topics
  • Full selection of all keywords excluding negative keywords that do not relate to your business
  • Analysis of the effectiveness of keywords during the week of work of advertising campaigns, selection of the most relevant to the requests of users
  • Determining search queries after 1-2 weeks of work, and inserting them into ads

Optimization of advertising campaigns

After the analysis of the already created advertising companies occurs

  • Optimizing by the keywords, negative keywords, demographics, and interests
  • Adjusting bids for mobile devices, based on statistics
  • Optimizing all bids

Create and set up re-marketing

Remarketing is a versatile tool

  • Allowing to contact visitors of your site who have not made a purchase or the action we need
  • Re-marketing allows you to place ads in front of the audience that visited the site
  • Segmenting the lists and edit them


By agreement, we provide a detailed report on the done work and complete statistics on key indicators such as

  • “Clicks”
  • “Shows”
  • “CTR”
  • “Conversions”

and many others

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