Social media management

Social Media Marketing

We promote business in social networks (SMM) by maintaining pages and attracting the target audience

Range of tasks

Analysis and search of all interested audiences

Starting work on promotion in social networks, we study competitors with a similar business, getting acquainted with the specifics of the market, and content delivery. If there has already been a promotion in social networks, then there is a complete analysis of all statistics in recent years. Comparison of statistics by months. Search for existing content with high involvement and uniqueness.

Development of SMM-Strategy

Development of promotion plan implies choosing a schedule of placements, creating text and visual content. Prediction of the results and possible changes in the schedule / content depending on social factors and business specifics.

Setting up ad campaigns

To increase the coverage of your company, targeting advertising is based on the interests, topics and demographics of interested and potential customers.

Community Management

  • Support and networking with the community
  • Immediate answers to all incoming questions from the interested audience
  • Work on creating a company’s communication channel through social media 24/7

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