Display advertising

Display advertising

Display advertising is a format of advertising that visually displays on sites, as well as in the search network of Google and its partners. Usually its video and images. Other media are also available – videos, logos, animations, graphics, text, videos and GIF images. Media advertising allows to increase the recognition of the company on the Internet, as well as to target those users who have already visited the site (Remarketing).

Range of tasks

Analysis and planning of the media campaign

Analysis of all competitors, determining the company’s business objectives. Selection and analysis of the topics of your site, search for interests and placement of display advertising.

Creating ads on the Google Display Network

Creation of advertising campaigns works by systematization of all directions of the company, on separate campaigns and groups of announcements. Each ad group will be selected based on the plan and budget

  • “Subject”
  • “Placements”
  • “Keywords”
  • “Interests”

as well as lists of re-marketing.

Optimizing display ads

After the launch of advertising campaigns,  we analyze each of the ads campaigns that do not bring the desired conversion, and optimize them by changing

  • Keywords
  • Placements
  • Topics
  • Interests of users.


By agreement, we provide a detailed report on the done work, discuss the advertising budget and make corrections, if required.

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