VYMIRS company is specialized in IT outsourcing in the areas of web development, mobile development, Internet marketing and media. It also develops areas related to modeling, mass marketing and others.

The company started its activity on October 28, 2016, by registering domain “vymirs.com”. The name in translation from Ukrainian “vymir” means “dimension”, which reflects the spirit and values of the company.

In the origins, Vymirs specialized in the design and development of websites, as well as on Internet marketing. In February 2017, the company expanded its range of capabilities for mobile development on Android platform, social media marketing and media services for video editing, photo editing and other.

The company encourages the desire to develop and introduce new ideas into the project. Thus, we are actively expanding the team and strengthening our positions in the IT market.

Main ideas and current goals of the company

We set ourselves the goal of bringing IT services such as SEO, development, marketing and Internet media to a new level, so that anyone who wants, say create a website, does not think about how difficult or costly it is, and that they could easily hire specialists and translate their ideas into reality.

We want every businessman in the world to understand that websites and other IT-related services are not something complicated, but rather simple, low-cost and insanely necessary in our time for small and large businesses.

We strive to ensure that any person who works with us feels light and comfortable, without unnecessary extra charges and complexities that are only frightening off the development of internet essantials for business.

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